About Aluna Comics

Aluna is a Story about a baby girl of native Colombia set back in the 1500s.  She was taken from the new world by the Spaniards and raised as royalty in Spain. As if by fate she is forced to travel back to the New World, only to discover that she is indeed fulfilling her destiny. While there, she is visited by her missing tribe’s Spiritual Leader and quickly learns that she is the daughter of the Goddess “Pachamama” . Her journey will be filled with adventures of the unknown. Aluna will be torn between what she has just learned and the life she left behind.

With the Success of the first 2  independent comic issues of Aluna and the ever growing popularity of the Franchise, we felt it was time for us to regroup and reboot the Amazing Story of Aluna. In 2014  San Diego Comic Con, we will be releasing what would be the 1st  Book  of the New Aluna  Book Series.  Because Aluna’s success, not only in the comic books but as a Character in the amazing online game “Hero Of Newerth”, we felt it would only be fitting that we team up with the biggest and best writing team in the Trans Media World, “SekretAgent Productions” (Assassins Creed Franchise & Batman: Arkhen Origins) to write New Aluna Trilogy books.  More to come soon!

“Aluna” has already reached WORLDWIDE recognition. She has been mentioned in mainstream publications such as “People Magazine” as well as National television such as “NBC ‘s Morning Show” and is being labeled by the Media as the First Latina Comic/Game Character.